Schedule and prices

Course schedule September 2020 – March 2021:

  • Level 1 (absolute beginners), Thursday 20:00, starting January 21.
  • Level 2 (between beginner and A1), Monday 18:45, started December 14
  • Level 8 (B1 +) Tuesday 11:00-12:15, started December 1
  • Level 5 (starting at A2): Tuesday 20:15, starting January 19, 2021
  • Level 16  (C2) Tuesday 18:30-19:45, started December 2  

You can join a course when it has already started.

In principle, all courses are given both online and in person, although, due to Corona, the number of students who can attend in person is very limited. Inform with the teacher what the options are for attending the course in person.

For those who have doubts about starting a course that is partly online: As many people are waiting for the Corona measures  to be over, many groups are quite small at the moment, giving you plenty of opportunity to practise. Once the Corona measure are over, the groups will probably be a lot larger or even full.

Try a class without any obligation

You can always try one class before deciding if you’ll take the whole course. When the course of your level hasn’t started yet, you may join one class of a higher level group to get an impression of the teaching method.

Prices and other important information:

The courses consist of  10 classes of 75 minutes and cost €135,-. See
Books and materials for any extra costs.

All courses have classes once a week.

Levels 2 and up can be stopped with one month notice.

If you know in advance you’ll be missing quite some classes, and your level is such that that won’t be too much of a problem, there is an option of not paying the full course but 17,- per class. The teacher will decide if that is an option for the student concerned.

Please note that a good understanding of English is required, as explanations are in English.