Frequently asked questions

Can I join a course once it has already started?

Yes, you can join a course anytime, as long as the level is right. Of course, if you’re an absolute beginner, you should join the beginners’ course from the very first class.

Is there a placement test?

If the courses you’ve done elsewhere make clear which level you have, you can usually simply join a class to see if the level fits you. If it isn’t very clear which group would suit you best, we’ll have a short video call to see what your level is. In either case, we can both decide after the trial class if the level is right for you indeed.

Can I try a class first?

Regardless of the level you start in, you can always first try a class to see how you like it and if the level is right. For the beginners’ course this costs 15,-, to be paid in advance. For all other levels you only pay the class when you decide to register for the course.

Do I need to buy the books before the course starts?

There is no need to buy anything before your trial class. You will get handouts to work from in class, and scans and access to the mp3’s to prepare the homework. If you enroll, you will need a Dropbox account to have access to all the audio files and extra materials.

Will I get a certificate after finishing the course?

You can get a certificate of attendance, if you participated in at least 9 out of 10 classes of the course, and prepared the homework for them. There is no official exam at the end, and therefore no diploma. If you wish to have an official proof of your Dutch language proficiency, you can take the official NT2 exams organized by the government. See

Can I follow private classes in the evening or weekend?

Unfortunately, no; the evenings are reserved for group classes, no classes are given in the weekend.

How does following the course online work?

You can always join a course online, through Zoom, even if the classes are also given in person. Through two different laptops students you will be able to see and hear the teacher, the other students and the whiteboard. The handouts will be shared through mail before class.