Prices and payment

The group courses consist of 10 classes of 75 minutes and cost €150,-.

The course fee for private classes is €29,- / 75 minutes or 24,-/ 60 minutes for one person, and 34,- / 75 minutes or 29,- / 60 minutes for two.

See Books and materials for any additional costs.

If you know in advance you’ll be missing quite some classes, and your level is such that that won’t be too much of a problem, there is an option of not paying the full course but 19,- per class. The teacher will decide if this is an option for the student concerned.

As beginners’ courses are often fully booked, a reservation/ first class fee of 15,- euros needs to be paid when making a reservation for a place in the course.

Trial classes for levels 2 and up only have to be paid when the student decides to enroll for the course.