Contact and registration

Contact details:

LanguiCo Language Courses

Juttepeer,  Den Hoorn

e-mail: info (at)    (at = @  ; e-mail isn’t written out normally because of spambots)

Yahoo users please note that there are currently problems with mails sent from the servers of Languico’s mail provider to Yahoo mail addresses. Please include in your mail another mail address if possible.

You can only visit the school after making an appointment.

The school is ca. 2,5 km from the station of Delft (12 minutes by bike).

As it is very close to the A4 highway, it is also easy to reach by car from Rijswijk, The Hague / Den Haag and Rotterdam. There are several bus stops nearby.

Public transport information can be found at


Please enroll for the course by sending an e-mail.  A place will then be reserved until the next class. For courses that are usually full (like the beginners’ level) ad advance of € 15,- has to be paid at the time of the reservation. Registration for a course should be confirmed right after the first class, and  payment of the full course should be done within 3 days after that.

Before registering, please note that the courses are meant for people with a good understanding of English and with a high degree of education. Also, count on three to four hours of homework each week in order to come well-prepared to class (this includes the time to listen to the audio material).

No refund is given for classes that were not attended. In the levels 2 and higher, the course can be stopped with one month notice.