Contact and registration


You can reach LanguiCo through e-mail: info (at)   
(at = @  ; e-mail isn’t written out normally because of spambots)


You can join a course anytime, as long as the level is right for you. There is need to wait for the start of a new course, the starting date in the schedule merely indicates when the next set of classes has to be paid. Of course, if you are a real beginner, it is essential to participate in the beginners’ course from the very first class.

Please enroll for a trial class by sending an e-mail, specifying which level you are interested in.  A place will then be reserved until the next class.
For courses that are usually full (like the beginners’ level) a first class fee/down payment of € 15,- has to be paid at the time of the reservation. Registration for the rest of the course should be confirmed within a day after the trial class, and  payment of the course should be done within 4 days after this class.

Before registering, please note that the courses are meant for people with a good understanding of English and with a high degree of education. Also, count on three to four hours of homework each week in order to come well-prepared to class (this includes the time to listen to the audio material). Especially for beginners, it is essential not to miss too many classes.