Dutch language courses in Delft


Welcome at the website of LanguiCo language courses near Delft, where you can learn Dutch in a natural way that is effective and quick, focusing on conversation and listening skills.

The Languico method in short:

Listening! The natural way of learning a language is by listening to it. Therefore, the course book contains many lively dialogues, recorded on mp3’s.  Students will also get a lot of Dutch songs to listen to. In the more advanced levels, audio-books will be used in addition to the textbooks.

Reading: Apart from listening to audio novels, we’ll also be reading many novels, which is a fun way to considerably increase your vocabulary.

Conversation exercises 

Small groups: Average of 6 participants

Efficiency: As you can do much of the homework, (listening to textbook recordings, songs and audiobooks) while doing the dishes etc., this method uses your available time very efficiently too.

The classes are used efficiently too: in class we only do what cannot be done at home: most importantly conversation exercises and explaning grammar. Written exercises are generally done and checked at home.

Very affordable prices! Only €135,- for a course of 10 classes!

Easy to reach from Delft, Den Haag (The Hague), Rotterdam and Rijswijk.

Click on ‘About the course’  for more detailed information.

So….. if you like to learn Dutch quickly and easily, and if you are prepared to do the necessary homework and to listen to the teacher’s choice of music several times a day,  please come and join LanguiCo’s Dutch language courses!